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State and Federal Criminal Defense Representation

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There are many things you can do to get a reduced sentence.

  1. Character letters
  2. Rehab programs
  3. Community Service
  4. Restitution
  5. A personal narrative expressing remorse.

If you are facing federal criminal charges, I can help!


The Top 3 Things to Consider when Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Three things to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer are:

  1. Experience with your kind of case.
  2. Whether they know the judges and the prosecutors.
  3. Are they really going to listen to you and have compassion for your situation.


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PPP LOAN FRAUD SENTENCING is based on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. In any federal fraud case, sentences are based on the “intended loss.” That means that if you applied for a $1million loan but didn’t receive it, you intended to take $1million from the bank and could be sentenced based on that loan amount. If you committed loan fraud and received a smaller amount like $10,000 or $20,000, there is a good chance that you won’t be sentenced to prison but you might be convicted of a federal felony. The larger the loan amount, the longer the sentence. I CANNOT ANSWER GENERAL PPP LOAN QUESTIONS. Please only call if you have been charged with fraud, you are under investigation or if your accounts have been frozen. Thank you.

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PPP Loan Fraud: #1 Tip to avoid fraud charges.

PPP Loan Fraud: If you included any false or misleading information on a PPP Loan Application, you could face fraud charges #1 Tip when submitting a PPP Loan Application is DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FOR YOU!! This is where a lot of people are getting in trouble. You will most likely find out that there was false or fraudulent information in your PPP Loan Application if the account with the PPP Loan funds is frozen. If that happens, call my office right away so I can help you. I am a federal criminal defense lawyer. I do not help victims of fraud. If you are a victim of fraud, contact law enforcement. #ppploanfraud #pppfraud #pppfraudcharges

Cooperation in Federal Cases

Cooperation in a federal case is one way to have your sentence reduced. There’s a lot of mystery around how it happens, where it happens, who’s there. It’s really very simple. This video uncovers the mystery. #federal crimes #federal defense attorney #federal criminal lawyer

Federal Sentencing-What Judges Consider When Sentencing Someone

There are certain factors that the judge has to consider at sentencing in a federal case. The federal sentencing guidelines are a starting point for the calculation of a sentence but the judge also has to consider the nature and circumstances of the offense and the history and characteristics of the defendant along with several other factors. I work with my clients to make sure that the judge has a complete understanding of all of these factors before Deciding what sentence to impose. #federal sentencing #federal crimes #federal defense lawyer

Federal Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy is one of the charges that the feds use all the time to charge anyone who was involved in a crime, even the most minor player. A conspiracy is simply an agreement between two or more people who know what the objective is and committing ONE act in furtherance of that objective. If you are charged with conspiracy in Federal Court, please call me so I can help. #federal criminal charges #federal conspiracy charges #federal criminal lawyer

What to do if the FBI Shows up With a Search Warrant

The Feds Charge Fraud in a variety of ways; wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, tax fraud…This video discusses the elements of fraud that the government must prove to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. #fraud charges #federal fraud case #federal defense attorney If you are being charged with or investigated for a crime, contact my office immediately.

Character Letters for Court

Character letters are a great way for the judge to get to know more about you. This video talks about who to get letters from, what they should say generally, how many to get, went to get them and how to get them to your lawyer.

What to do if You’re Guilty of a Crime

The most important thing to do if you are guilty of a white collar crime is to immediately hire a federal criminal defense lawyer and get in front of it. Be Pro-active. There are so many things you can do to reduce your sentence if you deal with it early. The longer you wait, the worse things can get. I have had great success getting incredibly low sentences for my clients by getting them in early. Let me help you with your case.

Restitution in Criminal Cases

In any criminal case where money was taken from another, the court will require that the money be returned. This applies to any kind of fraud or theft case or any case that results in an injury to another person or people. The government can seize assets to force you to pay restitution.

Should you Hire a Prison Consultant

When facing federal criminal charges, especially in white collar cases, a Prison Consultant can be a great asset if you hire the right consultants. I have worked with and highly recommend Prison Professors. Michael Santos and Justin Paperny do great work and have helped my clients earn lower sentences by helping them prepare their narrative for the pre-sentence interview, also known as the PSI and the pre-sentence report, also known as the PSR. They have also helped my clients prepare for prison. They are an extraordinary resource. You still need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer if you are facing federal criminal charges. Please contact my office if you are under investigation or if you have been charged with a crime. (949) 990-4195

PPP Loan Fraud: If you lied on your PPP loan application, you could be charged with fraud.

If you submitted a PPP Loan application that included any false or misleading information you could potentially be charged with ppp fraud or loan fraud. This means that if you put anything on the form that would cause the government to have given you the loan that wasn’t true, that is fraud. For instance, if you said you had more employees than you had that would be fraud. How will you know if you’re under investigation? The federal government will likely put a freeze on your bank accounts. Your bank may notify you or you may just find out when you go to conduct a transaction that your accounts and learn that your accounts have been frozen. Once your accounts are frozen that means that the u.s attorney’s office is involved that the federal agency is involved and that they are ultimately most likely going to file criminal charges The moment that you find out about this it is imperative that you contact me immediately. LAW OFFICE OF DIANE C. BASS, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION​

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