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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Diane Bass Top AVVO Pick


An AVVO Top Attorney-Wait. What’s AVVO?

AVVO is a website to help people find skilled criminal and federal defense attorneys that can help them with any number of legal cases. They have profiles on a majority of lawyers in the United States, and make ratings out of almost all of them. Diane’s profile shows how much people value her experience and dedication to her clients.

What does it mean to be a top AVVO pick?

It means that professionals have reviewed her work and found it outstanding. This is good for her- but better for her clients. When you’re in legal trouble, you don’t just want a criminal defense lawyer. You want a trustworthy, skilled lawyer who will help you with every step of the legal process. As it says in her peer reviews:

“I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Bass is not only well-prepared and zealous in defending her clients, she has a sense of compassion matched by few others.”-Kristin Erickson, Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County, CA

AVVO takes many factors into consideration when picking their top criminal and federal defense attorneys, some of these are:

  • Experience working with different cases. Diane Bass has over 20 years as a lawyer, 15 of which have been handling Federal trials. She has 23 years handling criminal and fraud cases as well!
  • Recognition by other lawyers. Diane has helped many other attorneys when it came to defending their clients in criminal and federal courts. Even when the clients aren’t her own, she does her best to keep them from facing penalties.
  • Professional Conduct. Like many of her reviews state, Ms. Bass is very involved with each and every case. She treats you as if you were her own family, and helps from the first moment you step into her office- long before and after feet ever touch the courtroom floor.

It’s difficult to get such a high rating in a business where any small failure can pit people against you for years. Diane Bass has earned her spot among the AVVO Top Attorneys list by being experienced, compassionate, and well-liked by both clients and fellow lawyers. If you find yourself in need of an Orange County criminal or federal defense attorney, look no further.

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