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State and Federal Criminal Defense Representation


  • Probation $50 Million Immigration Fraud

    Client suspected of $50,000,000 Immigration fraud. Client sentenced to 1 day of imprisonment and 3 years supervised release.

  • Probation $22 Million Health Care Fraud

    Client was potentially facing 97-121 months in Federal prison. Attorney Bass was able to have the fraud charges dismissed. Client pled to attempted obstruction of justice and sentenced to probation.

  • Sentence Reduced $15 Million Covid Relief Fraud

    DA offered 6 years state prison, client sentenced to 1 year home confinement.

  • Charges Dismissed Wire Fraud / Embezzlement

    Client was facing up to 21-months in Federal prison for charges of Wire Fraud/Embezzlement in the amount of $150,000.00.

  • Sentence Reduced $3 Million Tax Evasion

    Client facing 41 months federal prison - sentenced to 6 months.

  • Not Guilty Possession with Intent to Distribute

    Client facing mandatory minimum 10 years federal prison.

  • Sentence Reduced Drug Trafficking Case

    Client was facing 10 year mandatory minimum. He was sentenced to 6 months with credit for time served, released the night.

  • Probation Bank Fraud

    Client was facing up to 27-33 months in prison for Bank Fraud/loss amount $62,000.

  • 7 Days in Custody Federal Rico Conspiracy

    Client was facing life in prison.

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