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The One That Got Away


Why are bank robberies such a bad idea? For one, tellers never keep much money in their drawers. The average amount a person will get from a traditional bank robbery is $1200. The second why robbing a bank is a really bad idea is that every bank has cameras. On June 24, 2010 a young man walked into a bank in Laguna Beach, passed the teller a note saying that this was a robbery, and walked out with the money. The bank video surveillance cameras captured a perfect image of the man. This image has been posted all over the news media. It’s only a matter of time before someone recognizes and identifies him. Another reason why bank robberies are such a bad idea is because most banks use what they call “dye packs”. The money is generally given to the robber in some sort of bag and a “dye pack” is placed in the bag with the money causing dye to be dispersed all over the money. When the robber attempts to spend the money it immediately raises a red flag because it is covered with dye. A common misconception about bank robberies is that they are violent. That robbers come into banks with masks and guns. This is generally not true. Most robbers will wear a baseball cap as did the young man in Laguna. They will simply pass a note saying something to the effect of, “This is a robbery. Give me all your money. No dye packs.” A silent alarm is usually rung and police arrive quickly. If there is a getaway vehicle someone usually gets the license plate number and the police are able to apprehend the suspects. The number one reason not to commit a bank robbery is that it is a federal offense. Most banks are federally insured. The sentences for bank robberies are significant. If a gun, or even a fake gun, is used, the punishment skyrockets. So, a word to the wise. Don’t commit bank robberies. It’s a really bad idea. If you do and you get caught. Call me. I can help!

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