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Loss of Benefits – Loss of Reason


I have a client who has been charged with aiding and abetting her husband conduct two drug transactions over a three month period over three years ago. The agents who arrested her have recorded phone calls which prove her involvement. Since that time my client has been working full time supporting her three children who can’t live without her. She has never used drugs. Her husband is already in jail and will be serving a mandatory minimum of 10 years in Federal Prison for his conduct.

As a consequence of her conviction, my client will lose all state benefits including food stamps. This is standard operating procedure. The prosecution wants her to serve approximately 24 months in federal prison.

This means that defendant will lose her job. When she gets out of prison, she will not be able to get her job back and it will be very difficult for her to find a decent job because she will be a convicted felon. AND she will not be eligible for any benefits to help feed her children.

How does this benefit society? Does it not just perpetuate the cycle of crime?

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