Diane C. Bass, recently defended a case in Los Angeles for a psychologist that was charged with defrauding the federal government with inflated and fraudulent workers compensation claims.

The man was able to plead to one count of fraud, and have the other six charges dropped thanks to Orange County criminal defense attorney, Diane C. Bass.

He was sentenced to five years of probation, and will be serving the 12 months on home confinement and electronic monitoring. He also must pay restitution of $172,754. But nonetheless, finds it a much lesser fine than originally charged.

“Dr. Nerenberg has done far more good than harm,” said Bass, who noted that former patients were in the courtroom to support him. She said he had suffered public humiliation and would probably lose his medical license.” – To read more from this article “Psychologist sentenced in workers comp fraud”

San Jose Mercury News Article, “Psychologist sentenced in workers comp fraud”

Orange County Defense Attorney, Bass, diligently has worked to have many charges reduced, and thrown out, as well as reduced sentencing.

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