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Orange County Federal Lawyer Gets Reduced Sentence for Aiding and Abetting


My client was charged in the Central District Court in Santa Ana, along with 13 others, with Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and to Maintain a Drug Involved Premises. The lead defendant in the case owned 9 medical marijuana dispensaries or collectives throughout Southern California including Long Beach and San Juan Capistrano. He was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison.

My client worked as a manager, along with two others, at one of the collectives.  He was charged with possessing with the intent to distribute approximately 11 kilos of marijuana.

Up until now, the Federal Government did not recognize California’s Medical Marijuana laws.  According to the feds, medical marijuana collectives are illegal drug businesses.  This case was filed in 2012, before the U.S. Attorney announced his policy to be more lenient with respect to certain drug crimes and prior to the U.S. Senate voting to end the federal government’s policy of marijuana prohibition, by adding a provision that forbids federal intervention in state cannabis laws. Under the provision, states, where medical marijuana is legal, would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding collectives. In fact, Federal Agents would be prohibited from doing so which is great news for medical marijuana users.

My client was facing approximately 3 years for aiding and abetting the owner of the collective in running his business.  After working on the case for more than 2 years, my client was sentenced to 2 years of probation.  He will not spend 1 day in prison.   I am very happy with the outcome of this case.  My client and his family are as well.

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