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21 Arrested For Sale Of Prescription Drugs On Craigslist


21 people, including a doctor, were arrested for selling prescription medications on Craigslist.  The medications included OxyContin, Xanax, Adderall and Suboxone.  The doctor was arrested after a number of his patients were arrested for selling prescription drugs that he had prescribed.

The local Sheriff’s department became aware of these sales due to an increase in overdoses related to prescription drugs as well as calls from parents who notified the police that their children had been purchasing drugs on Craigslist.   Many of the people selling drugs on Craigslist were not even using code words to try to hide what they were doing.  It was right out in the open.

Although this case is currently being handled by the sheriff’s department, it is likely that the feds will step in. Any time the internet is used to conduct illegal transactions, like the sale of drugs, the element of interstate commerce comes into play and the U.S. Attorney’s office has jurisdiction to file charges in federal court making this much more serious.

Federal drug sentences are much higher than those in state court.  There are mandatory minimum sentences of five and ten years depending upon the type and quantity of the drug.   There can also be additional enhancements if the person charged has prior drug sales convictions.

Doctors selling prescriptions to patients that they know or should have known were selling these prescriptions can not only be charged criminally, but also face the strong likelihood of losing their license to practice medicine.

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