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Orange County Man Armed With a Knife Charges Deputies in Stanton


Stanton– A man identified as 24-year-old Richard Andersen called deputies and informed them he was armed with a knife, telling them he was ‘crazy’ and that he wanted them to come and get him. When Orange County Deputies did arrive at the normally quiet parking lot near Chapman Avenue and Dale Street they found the man holding a knife as promised. According to Lt. Gary Strachan of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, deputies asked Mr. Andersen to drop the knife, when Andersen refused one officer drew his weapon, though no shots were fired in the arrest. Andersen then charged at the officers, attempting to slash, punch and kick at them. At one point he even attempted to reach for one of the deputies’ gun barrel. Officers struggled to subdue him, sustaining minor injuries, and resorted to using a Taser on the man, not once but twice. However, according to Lt. Strachan “It didn’t have an effect on him.” Once officers had finally subdued the man he was taken to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, standard protocol whenever a Taser is used on a suspect. When the checkup was finished he was taken to the Men’s Central Jail, Santa Ana, and booked on suspicion of assault and battery of a peace officer. He is currently being held in lieu of bail, set at $20,000 according to the arrest records. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime please contact The Law Office of Diane C. Bass immediately.

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