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Residential Rehab: How much time is enough?


We hear stories of celebrities who go into rehab for 30 days. Is 30 days enough? The short answer is NO! For most addicts, 30 days is just the detoxification period. Most rehabilitation facilities require that the residents remain on “lockdown” during the first 30 days. Residents are usually not allowed to work or even have visitors during that time period. Many rehab facilities have a mimimum 90-day stay. Others require 6 months and many are year-long programs. Most people can’t afford places like Betty Ford. So where do they go? There are a variety of residential rehab facilities in every county. The cost ranges from several thousand dollars a month to free. In many cases, the free programs are actually the best but they have many requirements for entry. Some programs are exclusively for men or women. Some programs allow women and their children but there is generally a 2 child maximum and children over 10 are generally not allowed. This can cause great hardships for some women. There are programs which encourage people to work outside of the program while others, like the Salvation Army, require residents to work for them. Many programs also have a halfway house component to the program which allows for a smooth re-entry into their lives. Many programs are based on the 10 step model. Some have a more religious approach. If you are going into rehab as a result of a criminal case it is usually required that you attend a program that is approved by the probation department in your county. An experienced criminal defense attorney will assist you in locating and getting into the best program for you that will suit all of your needs personally and which will satisfy the court.

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