The Unforgiving ask for Forgiveness

One of the strictest judges in Orange County who is known for imposing harsh sentences has admitted to using his position as a Superior Court Judge to help friends and family members with traffic tickets. Judge Richard W. Stanford Jr. is one of the most “papered” judges in Orange County. A judge is “papered” when a lawyer files a motion to recuse the judge based on the fact that they do not believe that they could have a fair trial in front of this judge. Many Orange County Criminal Defense lawyers do not want to try cases in Judge Stanford’s court because he is known to be harsh. This is apparently not true when the cases involve his friends or family. Judge Stanford helped several people by having their traffic tickets transferred to his court where he usually only handles felony cases. The judge then waived fines for these individuals. The judge purportedly donated the amount he would have assessed in fines to Orangewood Children’s Home. Why not just pay the fines for his friends and family members instead? The judge now apologizes for his actions and says he now sees the error of his ways. How compassionate would he be if someone came into his court and said they were sorry for their actions? I would guess, not compassionate at all. The commission on Judicial Performance has instituted formal proceedings against him. Once again, I submit that someone who is meant to uphold the law should be held to a higher standard. Why should he be forgiven when he, of all people, should have known better?