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Being charged with a crime is a very scary, stressful and a serious situation. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime or are being investigated for a crime, it is crucial that you obtain the best possible representation from an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible stage of the case. If you don’t have adequate legal representation, you can be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage when it comes to defending yourself in court. Anything you say can, and often will, be used against you. It’s important that you get the right criminal defense lawyer on your side.


Diane C. Bass is an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney who can assist you from the moment you learn you are under investigation or the moment you are arrested. Her team will help you with every step from bail, through pre-trial negotiations and beyond, to get you the most favorable outcome for you and your family.

When do you need a criminal defense attorney?

“If you’ve been charged with a crime or are being investigated for a crime, you need an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record of success that you can trust. You need a professional to be there with you every step of the way through your criminal state or federal case.”

— Contact me, Diane Bass

Why choose Diane Bass to represent your
criminal or federal trial?

Twenty years of successful criminal and federal trial experience.

Over the years, Ms. Bass has handled thousands of cases ranging from serious felonies to minor misdemeanors. Her track record consists of not guilty verdicts, countless dismissals, and consistently favorable results for her clients. She has handled cases in both state and federal court. When going to court in either jurisdiction, it’s important to hire an experienced Orange County federal attorney. Orange County criminal defense lawyers like Diane may just be able to help you lower any penalties or even have a case dismissed. Below are some (but not all!) of the cases that she can help you with:

  • Federal Cases

    Federal and state cases are different. Not all lawyers that help with state crimes have the experience in Federal Court. There are only a few Orange County federal lawyers with more than two decades of experience like Diane Bass. If you’re under investigation for any kind of a federal crime, it’s important that you know that your local Orange County federal attorney has proper training, licensing, and experience to help you as much as possible.

  • White Collar Crimes

    White Collar cases are where Ms. Bass’s expertise is the most valuable. As an experienced Orange County federal lawyer, she has handled many serious white collar cases. Any crime involving transactions involving the mishandling of money can be a federal crime. An experienced federal fraud attorney can help protect you in several ways if you are being investigated for or have been arrested for fraud. Ms. Bass can also help you with charges involving tax fraud, mortgage and real estate fraud, bank fraud, investment fraud, health care fraud and securities fraud.

  • Theft

    There are many ways to be charged with theft. In Orange County, a theft lawyer can help you to get your charges dropped or reduced. An experienced Orange County theft lawyer can potentially help you have a felony Grand Theft charge reduced to a misdemeanor and/or obtain a reduced sentence involving community service in lieu of jail time.

  • Fraud

    Fraud is a form of theft for which would require you to obtain the services of a theft lawyer. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office, and the federal government take these cases very seriously. The fines and penalties for fraud cases can be steep, and almost mandatory unless you have an Orange County fraud attorney helping to protect you.

  • Drug Crimes

    Federal Drug charges carry severe mandatory minimum sentences. Everyone involved in a drug transaction could be arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute narcotics even if they played a very small role in the offense. If you’re arrested on drug related charges, you must have an experienced Orange County drug lawyer at your side.

  • Medical Marijuana

    Although medical marijuana is legal in the state of California under the Compassionate Use law, the Federal government does not recognize these laws. While the current Attorney General has agreed not to pursue cases against legally run medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives at this time, one small violation of the rules could result in federal charges for Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and to Maintain a Drug-Involved Premises, Maintaining a Drug Involved Premises, Distribution of a Controlled Substance Near a School and could subject you to criminal forfeiture. You need experienced Orange County Federal Lawyer to protect you.

  • DUI & Driving Offenses

    Driving Under the Influence is one of the most common crimes in Orange County and California. The penalties can be severe, even for a small offense. It is important that you be represented by an experienced Orange County traffic offense & DUI lawyer. A DUI charge can be filed against you for having a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08%, or as little as .01% if you have a prior DUI conviction. Failure to be properly represented could cost you money, jail time, or having your license revoked.

  • Sex Offenses

    Even the smallest sex offenses (Indecent exposure, lewd conduct) can get a person placed on the Sex Offender registry list. This could severely damage a person’s livelihood. It shows up on background checks, and can affect chances to get a job or even a loan on a house or car. It is essential that you have an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer to assist you with these cases.

    More Serious Sex Offenses involve Child Pornography or use of the internet to attempt to induce a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity. These cases carry severe mandatory minimum sentences. You need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to help you with these case.

  • Domestic Violence

    As a professional Orange County domestic violence lawyer, Ms. Bass has worked to resolve many cases where a wrongful party has been arrested during a dispute. Due to the nature of victims in these cases, courts are often harsh with the accused, and a victim will often not get much say in a trial. Domestic violence disputes need careful consideration and consultation before arguments can be made. Failure to get adequate help with your case can affect immigration status, professional licenses, custody battles, and more.

  • Juvenile Offenses

    If a child has been arrested for a misdemeanor, a deal can be made with the court to get an offender off with no mark on their record. A deal might involve community service, education, counseling, or probation. A minor that has a mark on their record will likely be affected by it for the rest of their life. If your child is involved in an offense as a minor it is imperative that you consult an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney to help your family through the process.

Ms. Bass has handled some of the largest cases in the history of the Central District of California

Every case and every client is extremely important to Ms. Bass. She’ll fight for you as if you were a member of her own family. You will have her full attention, and she will be there to answer every question you may have about your case. Sentencing guidelines are complex and often harsh towards a defendant that may be entirely innocent. It is critical that you have knowledge on your side when facing a court. If you need a criminal or federal defense attorney in Orange County, it will be very difficult to find one with more experience. She has handled cases from a simple DUI, to ones as large as Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) conspiracy cases, with possible penalties ranging from a few months to a lifetime in prison, with many cases either dismissed or with severely reduced charges.

An Outstanding Reputation as an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Diane Bass has handled cases all across California. Most of her cases have been heard in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. With her two decades of experience as a criminal and federal defense lawyer, many of the judges and prosecutors in Southern California know her and readily hear her arguments to give you the best possible result in your case. Many fellow lawyers have attested to her ability and determination in finding the best results for her clients.

State and Federal Case Experience

Ms. Bass has handled every type of Federal and State criminal case over the course of her career. Not many lawyers can claim that kind of experience. Even fewer are called upon to serve Federal cases directly from the United States District Court. Only the best Criminal Defense lawyers are allowed that honor. Why would you put your case in the hands of someone who doesn’t have proven experience?

If you have been charged with a crime, or if you’re even merely being investigated but not yet charged, now is the time to call Irvine Criminal defense attorney, Diane C. Bass. She’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Remember: Don’t talk to anyone about your case until you have an experienced, proven Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side!

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