• Saved my life!
    Wrong place at the wrong time. 10-year mandatory minimum? No way, not if Diane is representing you!!! In 2013 you were my lawyer representing me in the most critical time of my life, today in 2021 we have now are friends turned family!! Thank you for all your continued support for my family and me, you will always be a part of our lives!!!

    - C.P.

  • Best Attorney Out There
    I worked for a tax firm years back that was doing shady business. Diane was the best criminal attorney out there. Out of all 14 of us involved, I got the best deal thanks to Diane. She was very professional and on top of things at all times. I felt she was looking after me like I was a family member! I would highly recommend her to anyone in any case!

    - Tax Fraud Client

  • Compassionate, Understanding and Helpful
    Diane Bass is such a blessing to us. She is like a guiding angel that helped us through one of the toughest times in our lives. We can honestly say that she is one of the most compassionate, understanding and helpful lawyers we have encountered. She thoroughly explained everything to us, she gave us a whole bunch of advice on what to do, she was very reassuring and sympathetic of our situation and continuously communicated with us throughout this whole time. She was never judgemental and we can really say that she is a very kind-hearted person. She helped us even though she didn’t have to, especially that we were going through financial instability. We wholeheartedly recommend her in your time of need not only because of her knowledge but most especially for the wonderful person that she is.

    - Tran Family

  • Kind and Professional Service

    While this letter is long overdue, I hope it expresses all the feelings of appreciation for your professional service done for me. Having nowhere to turn for an act of aggression, while provoked yet unacceptable I was referred to you. Your representation and familiarity with the courts presented my case in a fair and honest manner. Your advice in my preparation was and is to this day golden and I have benefited more than once from it. My recommendation of your services is without a doubt of the highest caliber. I certainly feel that if the need arises you are a proven representative of my rights in a world it appears law exists to convict not asses or reprimand. Thank you again for the kind and professional service you have rendered of which I would recommend to any in need of the services of a professional.

    - Anonymous

  • Her Presence Has Been A Gift

    Dearest Diane, Heartfelt thanks for all of your help again. Thank you for not being judgmental and for being so kind as we go through this difficult time. I believe you came into our lives for a reason. Your presence in our lives has been a gift. What you were able to accomplish for us was a gift.

    - Anonymous

  • Walked Me Through the Hardest Part of My Life
    You walked me through the hardest part of my life so far. I don’t think I could have made it through that hard time with any other attorney. I was very happy with the outcome. Most people don’t consider attorneys to be their friends but I do now, thank you!

    - Anonymous

  • Words Could Never Express Our Gratitude
    We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all you have done for our family. This has been an extremely difficult time for us and we don’t know what we would have done without your assistance. Words could never express our gratitude for the time you’ve put into this case and for the kindness you’ve shown us.

    - Erin B.

  • A Brilliant Attorney
    Diane is a Brilliant attorney. She listens carefully to your problems and clearly advises you with honesty. She was with me from the first day of my case and I have never been disappointed in any way. She is not afraid to battle for you. With her, you will never be alone.

    - Maria K.

  • She Was My Angel
    Diane Bass is truly an amazing person. She saved my life and I could not be more thankful. The fact that Diane took my case which was a federal case and saved me from hell especially because I was innocent and she believed in me immediately. Diane is honest, loyal and a hard worker. She fought for me and was there for me when I had no one. I trust Diane completely and would recommend her to ANYONE!! If Diane had not come into my life I do not know where I would be today. She knows what she is doing as a lawyer and more important when she says she is going to do something she does it. I have never met a person in my life like Diane. Also the fact that I wasn’t even a resident of the United States made my case more difficult. Diane took control of my case and made sure all the real facts about me came through. Diane got me my full release on a very serious case and to this day she remains to be someone very special in my life. I do believe she was sent to me for a reason and again like I said before without Diane I do not know where I would be right now. After I was released I went through some serious trauma and post traumatic stress and she still continued to stand beside and be support for me. I adore her extremely and am very thankful for her thus why I believe she was my angel.

    - G.

  • My Good Luck Charm
    Diane has saved me twice. Once in a Federal case that spanned from 1996 to 2001, and the second time in 2005. I consider her to be my Good Luck Charm. Although I am completely ignorant of Criminal Law, Diane was always there to talk to me and keep me informed. She also prevented me, on several occasions, from making a big mistake with my dealings of my criminal problems. Her fees are fair, and she never ‘nickel and dimed’ me like my civil lawyers always do. If Diane says she is a good fit for your case – use her. If she does not consider herself to be a good fit, she will refer you out.

    - Criminal Defense Client

  • A Phenomenal Attorney
    Diane Bass is a phenomenal attorney. I was referred to Diane by a family friend and I am extremely thankful that I was. Prior to finding out about Diane Bass, I had met with multiple attorneys only to come to the conclusion that I needed to keep searching for an attorney that was best for my case. After meeting with Diane I felt immediate comfort, and I was sold on the fact that I could trust this amazing person with my life. Diane Bass was there for me every step of the way like no other attorney had ever been.

    - Ryan

  • She Got the Judge to Give Me a Second Chance
    My name is Rayshaad and a few months ago my life changed. I got caught up in a serious case but thank God for Diane Bass she worked hard and got the judge to give me a second chance. She always answers her phone and emails. She has many clients, after all, she has been doing it for over a couple of decades, but she makes each client feel like family and she really got our back! I swear I’ll give my left arm for Diane or right arm for her and I recommend her. She knows all the judges and she walks in the courtroom like a boss! But if you do a crime and want less time hit Diane’s line!

    - Rayshaad

  • I am Forever Grateful
    First of all I would like to thank Diane for everything she has done for me. From the start of my case, she has been there for me. Only very few people were granted bond and she pulled it off in my case. I know for a fact not too many lawyers could have done that. I am on probation for three years.. while “the others” will not have the chance to raise their children and live their lives. I was headed to prison….I am free.. and for that, I am forever grateful

    - John

  • She Can Handle Any Case
    Diane Bass was extremely beneficial to the well being of my family in a time of great distress. We found her to be absolutely professional and on top of all details in representing us, while still treating us with sensitivity, compassion and respect. She explained all that we needed her to, and fought for us with strength. We feel very comfortable that she did all she possibly could do, getting the best possible outcome for us. We felt safe with our situation in her very capable hands. If need arises I will utilize her services again and would highly recommend her to anyone in need. Her expertise is evident in talking to her, but in watching her at work I grew an admiration for her knowledge and ability to handle any case.

    - K.B.

  • Excellent Service
    Diane C Bass was excellent when she handled my case. The end result was that the Federal Government did not charge me with any crimes due to the hard work by Diane. If you are facing any legal problems I highly recommend giving Diane a call.

    - D.C.

  • I Will Forever Be Grateful
    I am pleased to have the opportunity to express my gratitude for Diane once more. The case that she represented me in was a big one, continuing over the course of a couple of years, and involving many people. I found myself in a situation where I was accused of a crime that I did not even know of. It involved many of my family members and it impacted our lives severely. It shocked me to see that my intentions were misunderstood as I thought I was helping many people in need. I realized quickly that I felt helpless in trying to voice my innocence. I did not have the means to hire a lawyer and so I was appointed one. I am so thankful that I was appointed Diane because, now I know, that it guaranteed the best outcome for me and it changed the course of my life. From the beginning, Diane proved to be very knowledgeable, competent, and above all genuinely caring. She helped to ease many of my fears about the results of the case and helped to educate me about many things I did not know. She listened to me and wholeheartedly empathized with me. I learned to trust her very easily because she treated me like a human being and not like an “accused”. The case ended a couple of months ago with a minimal sentence of probation, and I recognize myself that it could not have gone better. Diane showed me that she believed in my freedom and fought for it better than I could do myself and for that I will be forever grateful.

    - Tax Fraud Client

  • Went the Extra Mile
    Diane Bass represented me in a very serious criminal matter. She was successful in drastically reducing my sentence despite my record of recidivism and multiple charges. Diane went the extra mile for me far beyond the retainer I paid her. She saw my case through over 5 years to its completion and gave me some valuable personal guidance that set me on the course of success I’ve maintained to this day.

    - Criminal Defense Client

  • Went Above and Beyond My Expectations
    It was a privilege to have had Attorney Diane Bass represent my husband in his case. It was clear from the onset that she had my husband and our family’s best interest at heart. Diane went above and beyond my expectations. She made a horribly difficult and traumatic situation more bearable. I couldn’t help but to notice and admire Diane’s passion and care for her clients as well as the law. She is extremely professional, responsive, efficient, educated, honest and straight forward. It is also very evident that she is well respected amongst her community of colleagues. The outcome of my husband’s case was one that was positive and I attribute this to her hard work and commitment. I have the utmost respect for Diane. Anyone requiring legal representation would be privileged to have Attorney Diane Bass on their side.

    - P.S.

  • Driven & Rededicated
    This letter does not come close to describing all the effort and hard work that Diane Bass has done for me and my case. All could of been much worst but due to her efforts, my situation worked out well. She communicated well with me and on an ongoing basis throughout the course of my case. She is dedicated and driven to do the best she can for her clients and the way she handled herself and the interaction with my family was fantastic. I highly recommend Diane for any legal needs she will fight for you. Best to you and your practice.

    - H.R.S.

  • Diane Is a Fabulous Attorney
    Diane is a fabulous attorney, she works very hard for her clients. Diane goes above and beyond to keep you out of jail. I will recommend Diane to anyone. She’s the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with.

    - N.W.

  • Saved Me Twice

    Diane has been an extremely helpful attorney for me in two different cases. Both times I could not be more satisfied, in my most recent case she got a felony charge completely dismissed. She has helped form the moment I call to ease the anxiety and stress, with her knowledge and understanding of the system. I am definitely going to refer her to all my friends and family, again thank you, Diane.

    - A.S.

  • Favorable End to Scary Situation

    Diane represented my son in a Federal matter to a VERY favorable end. Her caring compassion and reassuring manner were just frosting on the cake of her skill and knowledge. I recommend her in the highest regard.

    - G.G.

  • I Don't Know Where I'd Be Without Diane

    One day I woke up and my entire life had changed. It felt like I had jumped out of an airplane with no parachute. I felt like life was over and I had no control. After sitting in a cell all day reflecting I was brought out in front of the judge. At that time I was not sure who would represent me. Federal court is something I knew nothing about. Then Diane Bass walks up to me and asks my name. She was warm, understanding, and advised me I would be going home! Though after it was a long drawn-out process she was there with me every step of the way. I was looking at 10 years which is a lot of time (at least in my book) and Diane was so confident and uplifting I felt like I had a chance. I have had attorneys in the past and they were a nightmare. Defiantly not the case with Diane. Every time I called she answered, every time I would text or email, I would always receive an immediate response. Her attention to my needs and concerns was unbelievable. Her knowledge about what I was facing and expert opinion on the final outcome held me together. I cannot explain how important it is to have Diane on your side when facing any penalty or charge, no matter how large or small. There is no one I would rather have on my side to represent me when it comes to legal counsel. In the end she was able reduce my 10 year sentence to 2 years of probation which at first seemed like a false hope. My family as well as myself will be forever grateful. No matter how much I thank and praise Diane for her guidance and counsel, It will never be enough

    - A.

  • Perfection Amongst the Flaws in Our Justice System

    In early 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic was ramping up, I experienced a mental health crisis at my home in Orange County, California that left me mentally, emotionally, and physically traumatized. Facing all the challenges the rest of the world was facing while struggling to process all that had happened personally over those few days in February and facing unwarranted but serious felony charges from law enforcement for “assault on an officer and resisting arrest”, I found myself in need of a high profile defense attorney.

    Without bloating this review with all that happened during the crisis and my experiences thereafter, it’s been the most challenging year of my close to 40 years on earth. After meeting with 4 defense attorneys and against pressure from family or friends to use their referral, I chose to work with Diane Bass for a variety of reasons. Without question, I made the right choice.

    It wasn’t an easy decision for me, I felt I might be more comfortable with another attorney I had met, that was also a bit less expensive, but something told me Diane was the one. I’m very sentimental in all that I do, I want to work with people that are interested in taking the time to develop relationships. My first impression was that she’s very experienced, no-nonsense, knows the law, how the system works, and was very busy as a result. I quickly realized that she exceeded even those first impressions but also cared very much about my story, needs, and was sensitive to how challenging the process can be for her clients. A couple of times she’d sent me an encouraging text, news article, etc. that I needed just at that moment. I had this same experience with every professional referral she offered through the process. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and lost in my life. Without my faith in her resume’ and her professional encouragement, I can’t imagine how I would’ve made it through this process.

    Lockdowns, courts being closed and even a deeply personal loss Diane experienced during the past year of my court process created unique challenges and she navigated it all perfectly. All charges are being dismissed, I can move on with my life and somehow feel gratitude for all of it. Whatever you’re going through that’s forced you to seek counsel, I’m confident Diane will achieve the best outcome you could hope for.

    - Daniel

  • Great Results Navigating the OC Criminal Justice System

    Just wanted to say thank you to Diane Bass for her expertise during a criminal charges nightmare for one of my loved ones last year.

    Diane made court calls, house calls, weekend texts, spoke with the family, and made sure to explain everything that was going on. She helped everyone navigate through the emotions, and get to the result we were looking for: the criminal charges dismissed.

    During an uncertain time, Diane was able to untangle not only the mess of the case but also the mess of the court system during covid. She got our case resolved as fast as possible so we could move forward with life.

    Diane is the perfect mix of gentle understanding and fierce action you’ll need if you find yourself dealing with the OC court system. She was able to leverage her long-standing relationships in the courthouse, and her shrewd knowledge of the law, to get a positive judgment we are very grateful for.

    Highly recommend Diane for anyone stuck dealing with an Orange County criminal case. She will put your anxiety at ease and get you through the tangled system.

    - Angie

  • Highly Recommend
    I highly recommend Diane if you are dealing with legal troubles of your own. Since this being my first Federal offense, I had no idea what to expect. I was extremely anxious. After talking to Diane, I felt like she was the attorney I needed to help me get through these challenging times. Her professionalism and knowledge of the law were comforting. She explained the charges thoroughly. Diane was prompt when I had questions or concerns with my case. With her expertise, I was able to avoid a prison sentence and instead was enrolled in a drug program, CASA. She even went above and beyond in helping me get my State case resolved. Thanks again for everything Diane. You are truly a lifesaver!!

    - Adam

  • Simply Amazing!
    Diane’s work is 2nd to none. I was charged with felony DV, and after working with one firm in Irvine that did absolutely nothing, I did some hard research and found Diane. She worked quickly and diligently and got the case dismissed. I absolutely don’t foresee me needing a criminal lawyer down the road, but if I do, it’ll be Diane hands down!

    - Shadic

  • Highly Recommend Diane To Anyone in Search of a Great Attorney
    Having Diane represent me was truly a blessing. I don't think I could have got a better outcome elsewhere. She is very professional and attentive to any questions or concerns and strives for the best till the end. My previous appointed attorney said it is impossible for me to get bail. Diane was able to achieve that for me. If it weren't for her, I would have gotten a lot more time and a much harsher sentence on my federal case. Diane is genuinely a warm and kindhearted person, she did everything she can to comfort and relax not only me but family members also. I cannot thank you enough Diane.

    - Anonymous

  • Words Are Not Enough
    Diane is the most professional, thorough attorney I have ever met. Her expertise, connections, analysis, and comprehensive review of my situation were more than I could ever ask. She helped through all aspects included some extremely technical components and helped resolve my case. I am extremely grateful and couldn't be happier with my choice!

    - Jeff R.

  • The Best of the Best
    Ms. Bass was appointed to defend me in a multi-state criminal fraud case. She was appointed from the Central District Court pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act, so my expectations were not too high. Ms. Bass outdid every expectation, she was a champion, an advocate, a fighter, and my hero. There were many defendants, most of them male and all of whom were given jail time. Due to the amazing performance of my attorney, the heart of the Judge (and the grace of God), I did not have to serve time. I attribute that to the amazing counsel of my attorney, Ms. Diane Bass.

    - Sheridan

  • It Was Amazing to Watch Diane
    It was amazing to watch Diane when she went into the defense mode. The opposing team made some questionable comments and she was so quick to prove that the comments were not factual. Diane added compassion to my case by referring to her own personal experience. My case was resolved with a much better outcome because of her.

    - Pat

  • Represented by the Best, Diane Bass
    Diane, her knowledge & experience in the Federal Courts & Laws gave my bad situation a turn for the better! My family and I couldn't have got through this horrible situation without anyone better, your representation was excellent! I'm very grateful to have had you by my side through these very tough times!! It could have been worse, but you got me home real soon!!! Your "The Best!!"
    Forever Thankful,
    The Peterson Family

    - Carlos