Orange County, CA
Just wanted to say thank you to Diane Bass for her expertise during a criminal charges nightmare for one of my loved ones last year. Diane made court calls, house calls, weekend texts, spoke with the family, and made sure to explain everything that was going on. She helped everyone navigate through the emotions, and get to the result we were looking for: the criminal charges dismissed. During an uncertain time, Diane was able to untangle not only the mess of the case but also the mess of the court system during covid. She got our case resolved as fast as possible so we could move forward with life. Diane is the perfect mix of gentle understanding and fierce action you’ll need if you find yourself dealing with the OC court system. She was able to leverage her long-standing relationships in the courthouse, and her shrewd knowledge of the law, to get a positive judgment we are very grateful for. Highly recommend Diane for anyone stuck dealing with an Orange County criminal case. She will put your anxiety at ease and get you through the tangled system.