Diane C. Bass attended a continuing legal education program where Dan Simon spoke regarding the “Eyewitness Misidentification”.  There was a great turnout and fascinating information.

“Professor of Law and Psychology at USC spoke to the William P. Gray Inn of Court about ‘Eyewitness Misidentification’.  He discussed the many ways that eyewitness identification is deeply flawed.  He conducted a demonstration where he showed a video of a crime scene.  He then showed us a line-up of six individuals and asked us to choose which individual we saw in the video.  Out of approximately 120 judges and lawyers, almost all of us chose a different individual from the line-up.  He then revealed that the individual we witnessed in the crime scene video was not one of the men in the line-up.   Statistically, more than 50% of convictions from eyewitness identifications are overturned by DNA evidence.”

Diane C. Bass, Orange County Criminal Attorney

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