Diane Bass is an attorney with a long and distinguished record of litigating in both federal and state courts. Her offices are based in Orange County, California. The National Trial Lawyers has distinguished Diane as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the United States. Her practice centers on consumer advocacy and criminal defense in the federal judicial system. Her national practice in consumer advocacy serves people who’ve been victimized by unscrupulous companies that make a practice of:

  • Unethical sales practices
  • Fraudulent Misrepresentations

When companies inappropriately abuse consumers trust, Diane Bass stands ready to restore justice. She uses every resource available by law, including class-action lawsuits. Diane handles many types of federal and state cases, regularly practicing in the United States District Courts, where only the best trial lawyers practice.

Contact Diane Bass if a major corporation or its representatives abused your trust.

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