Robbery is the unlawful taking of personal property in the possession of another or in their immediate presence against their will by means of fear or force. The use of fear or force is the critical difference between a burglary and a robbery. A robbery can include grabbing something from the hand of another by force like a purse, wallet or package. This is called an “Estes Robbery”.

Robbery is a felony and a strike. There are different degrees of Robbery.

First Degree Robbery is any robbery that occurs in an inhabited dwelling or boat or the robbery of any person operating a bus, taxi, train or other vehicle used for the transportation of persons for hire or passengers on such vehicles. Any robbery of a person using an automated teller machine or immediately after using an ATM and is still in the vicinity of the ATM is first degree.

First Degree Robbery can be punished by up to six years in state prison. If an individual is convicted of robbery while acting in concert with two or more others the maximum punishment is nine years.

Second Degree Robbery are those not listed above and can be punished by up to five years in state prison. Attempted second degree robbery is punishable by up to 16 months in state prison.

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