Diane C. Bass is experienced in defending clients in Medicare Fraud cases.

Medicare Fraud involves transactions where Medicare is billed for services that are not legally allowed by Medicare. Many of these cases involve billing for Medical Supplies that are not needed by the patient. Individuals set up Medical Supply companies and bill Medicare for items such as wheel chairs or hospital beds which are not needed and often not delivered to the patient. In other cases Medicare is billed for services not needed by the patients such as respiratory services. The U.S. attorney’s office must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual charged with Medicare Fraud intended to defraud Medicare. Medicare billing rules are extremely complex. Many times doctors are retained by these companies and are completely unaware of the illegal billing practices or Medicare’s billing requirements and end up in Federal Court facing serious criminal charges along with the possible loss of their medical license.

Medicare Fraud charges are often filed as conspiracies as most Medicare fraud cases involve several individuals. In order to prove a conspiracy the government must prove that there is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. They must then prove that steps were taken in order to make the crime occur. These steps are called “overt acts”. A Medicare Fraud case that is filed as a conspiracy can be extremely serious because even someone who played a very small roll in a conspiracy can be held responsible for the entire amount of loss caused by the acts of the other individuals charged in the conspiracy. That is why it is critical to hire an attorney who has extensive experience with Medicare Fraud cases.

Sentences in Medicare Fraud cases are based in large part on the amount of loss involved in the case. The court also considers the individuals roll in the offense. If someone is an organizer or leader in the offense they may receive a greater sentence. If someone is a minor player they may receive a lesser sentence. It is essential to be represented by an attorney who is experienced in Medicare Fraud cases so that she can make all of the appropriate arguments on your behalf.

Medicare fraud cases are filed in federal court. Therefore, If you are facing these charges you must contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

Ms. Bass has experience handling these cases and has obtained excellent results for her clients. If you have been charged with or are being investigated for Medicare Fraud call the Law Office of Diane C. Bass for a free consultation.

  1. December 30, 2015

    I can give you a real world example. My 87 yr. old faethr-in-law with congestive heart failure, kidney failure and having suffered a stroke lie dying in the hospital. The hospital (without consulting the family) tried an experimental congestive heart failure drug on him at a cost $60,000. He died within a week of this treatment. Guess who paid for the treatment. The family accepted it was the end for him. The hospital pumped up the bill to cover other uncovered costs. It’s not just consumers who need restraint from over utilizing medical care .A huge share of medicare costs are end-of-life costs. Americans simply refuse to accept that they are going to die, and that dying with dignity is not a bad thing. Someone (private insurers, government, medical people or simply not being able to afford it) is going to have to educate Americans on the reality of late life medical care.

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