The Law Office of Diane C. Bass has handled some of the most serious investment fraud cases filed in Southern California.

Investment Fraud is very common. Individuals will find investors who are looking to make large returns on their investments. False representations are made to the investor about the types of returns they will make on their investment. The sentences in these cases are based in large part on the amount of loss suffered by the investor. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in reducing the amount of loss and therefore, drastically reduce the sentence you are facing.

The U.S. Department of Justice has been prosecuting what they call “High Yield Investment Programs” wherein individuals find investors who are interested in investing large sums of money, i.e.; millions or billions of dollars. Investors are promised an unusually high rate of return on their investment. In many of these cases the investors are FBI agents posing as investors. Their need not be an actual victim or any actual loss in order for the government to prosecute these crimes. The “intended loss” is used to determine the sentence in these cases.

Another type of investment fraud involves Ponzi Schemes. Ponzi schemes usually involve an individual who takes money from investors and promises a high rate of return. The investment usually pays off more quickly than traditional investments. The individual then takes the money from one investor and gives it to another investor causing the first investor to believe they are going to make large amounts of money with this person. The first investor will usually invest more and more money and get other people involved based on their apparent success with this person. When one individual does not receive their promised return or requests that their money be returned and it is not returned, the FBI will usually get involved.

In a fraud case, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally made material misrepresentations in order to convince the alleged victim to part with their money. If you reasonably believed that this was a legitimate investment, then there is no fraud. An attorney who is experienced in handling criminal fraud cases can successfully defend you. If you have been charged with investment fraud call the Law Office of Diane C. Bass for a free consultation.