The Law Office of Diane C. Bass has handled some of the most serious Bank Fraud cases filed in Southern California with outstanding results for her clients. Bank Fraud can involve any type of misrepresentation made to a bank in order to obtain funds. Bank fraud crimes commonly involve the cashing of fraudulently obtained checks or credit cards or checks or credit cards that have been altered or created for the specific purpose of illegally obtaining funds.

A typical bank fraud case might involve individuals who obtain bank account information belonging to a bank account holder and use that information to transfer the account holder’s funds, obtain checks, forge checks, cash and deposit checks and distribute proceeds without the account holder’s permission. Individuals will also use account holder information to obtain credit cards and use those cards to make purchases.

If this case were filed as a conspiracy, as they often are, even an individual who merely cashed one or two checks for another individual can be held responsible for the entire amount of loss. So, someone who only took a few thousand dollars can be held responsible for millions of dollars in loss. The amount of loss will determine the ultimate sentence in a fraud case. That is why it is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who is experienced in fraud cases if you are facing these charges.

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