Assault with a deadly weapon does not always involve a deadly weapon. The weapon involved does not necessarily have to be a gun or knife or the obvious deadly weapons. A deadly weapon could be a car, a chair, a bat or a hammer. This type of assault can involve a firearm or any other object which could kill or inflict great bodily injury. This charge is usually filed as a felony and it is a strike. Assault with a deadly weapon does not have to involve a weapon at all. It can also involve force likely to cause great bodily injury.

Assault with a deadly weapon can be punished by up to four years in state prison. An experienced criminal defense attorney can you help fight these charges or if you are convicted by way of a guilty plea or jury verdict, an attorney can help drastically reduce the sentence. In some cases, a person convicted of assault with a deadly weapon could be sentenced to probation.

Ms. Bass has handled many of these cases over the years and has had them either dismissed or reduced. She can help you fight these charges.