Arson is the willful and malicious setting of a fire to a structure, land or property. A person does not commit arson if they only thing burned is his or her own personal property unless he or she acts wit the intent to defraud or the fire injures someone else or someone else’s property or land.

Arson is a felony and a strike. A person convicted of simple arson can be punishment by imprisonment for up to six years in state prison. There are many other factors which may cause the sentence to be even greater. For instance, if the arson causes great bodily injury the sentence can be up to nine years.

One of the factors an experienced criminal defense attorney will look at in arson cases is whether the individual who committed the offense has any psychological conditions. This can be established by way of an evaluation. This may be a mitigating factor or even a defense.

Arson is a serious offense and one should always consult an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing these charges. Ms. Bass has experience representing clients facing these charges and has obtained excellent results.