Federal Criminal Defense is a very specialized area of law. Very few criminal defense attorneys practice in Federal Court. Even fewer have extensive experience in Federal Court. Orange County Federal criminal defense lawyer Diane Bass has extensive experience in Federal Court and has handled every type of federal criminal case. She has obtained extraordinary results for her clients including dismissals. Ms. Bass has developed a solid reputation with Federal Prosecutors and Judges making her a tremendous asset to her clients. Ms. Bass is in Federal Court on a regular basis and regularly attends seminars and lectures in the law keeping her up to date on all of the latest developments.

If you are aware that you are under investigation by a federal agency like the FBI, DEA, ICE, IRS or ATF, it is critical to hire an experienced Federal Criminal Defense attorney immediately who can contact the U.S. attorney’s office to attempt to work out a pre-indictment resolution of your case. Contacting the U.S. attorney prior to the Indictment can limit the charges you are faced with. Additionally, you can often avoid the humiliation of being arrested and can arrange to walk into court of your own accord, rather than in hand cuffs.

You may be able to significantly reduce your sentence in a federal case if you are willing to provide the government with information about the offense with which you are charged. This is known as “cooperation”. If you have information about other individuals involved with either the offense for which you are charged or other crimes, the U. S. Attorney’s office can recommend that the court significantly reduce your sentence if the cooperation you provided was substantial. If you wish to cooperate with the U.S. Attorney’s office or any federal agency you must always have an experienced Orange County Federal criminal defense lawyer with you.


If you’ve been charged or believe you will be charged with a Federal or State Crime this is an upsetting, frustrating and confusing time for you and your family. Ms. Bass understands this and is there to help you understand the unique challenges you will face with your case. From handling Bail in both State and Federal Cases to Sentencing, she is there to walk with you every step of the way.

Ms. Bass has handled all of these cases in Federal Court and she has obtained excellent results for her clients in many cases. Contact her today for your free consultation.