The Feds have recently cracked down on medical marijuana dispensaries by threatening legal action to landlords who lease their property to medical marijuana dispensaries. Medical marijuana users are now hard pressed to find their medicine. Legitimately needy users are being deprived of their ability to use medical marijuana, as allowed by California state law. Andre Briotte who is the U.S. Atttorney in Los Angeles has said that the reason for the crack down is because the system is being exploited by recreational users and entrepreneurs. So because of a few people who exploit the system, people with legitimate need have to suffer.

For years people who are undergoing cancer treatment have relied on medical marijuana to ease their pain and the devastating side effects of chemo therapy. People suffering from chronic pain use medical marijuana instead of resorting to highly addictive pharmaceuticals like vicodin and oxycontin. Medical marijuana is not addictive and has virtually no harmful side effects yet the Federal government simply will not acknowlege this. What is their problem?

The fact that the feds are demanding back taxes from dispensaries says that they want a piece of the action. They want a cut of the proceeds. So legalize it and tax it. It’s simple!

A medical marijuana advocacy group out of Oakland filed suit in federal court asking for an injunction against the justice department’s crackdown as an unlawful assault on state sovereignty. Court papers state, “While the government is entitled to enforce its criminal laws against marijuana in the states that have decriminalized it for medical marijuana use in an even handed manner, the Tenth amendment forbids it from selectively employing such coercive tactics to commandeer the law-making functions of the state.” The suit is asking the court to stop the crackdown and give them back their marijuana! It’s like prohibition all over again.