Federal Agents seized 25 tons of marijuana from a warehouse in Tijuana this week. The investigation was triggered by an arrest at the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Temecula. A truck was searched after acting suspiciously. 10 tons of marijuana was seized. This arrest led to the search of the warehouse. Inside the warehouse was an opening which led to the dicovery of a tunnel which is 4 feet high and 1800 feet long going from Mexico to San Diego. It is believed to be operated by the Mexican cartel.

The individuals who were arrested in San Diego will be charged in Federal Court in San Diego. They will be charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute the 10 tons of marijuana. Rico charges may also be filed. Rico charges are filed when a criminal organization is involved.

A conspiracy is an agreement between 2 or more people to commit a crime followed by steps in furtherance of that crime. Whether an indiviudal is has an organizer or leader roll in a conspiracy or whether they are a minor participant, they can be held responsible for the same conduct. However, the person who has the minor roll shoud receive a reduction in their sentence for their roll. There are many other mitigating factors that the court can consider in these cases.

These two individulas need an expereienced criminal defense attorney who represents individuals in drug cases in federal court on a regular basis to defend them in this case.