If you have a recommendation for medical marijuana, today is a very sad day. The four US attorneys offices in California have announced their intention to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries. They have begun to contact landlords who lease space to dispensaries instructing them to evict these tenants within 45 days or face federal criminal charges and forfeiture of the property and any money received from these tenants.

President Obama initially said his administration would not raid these establishments. Earlier this year the US attorneys office circulated a memo stating that they would only go after establishments that sold over 200 kilos (440 pounds) or 1000 plants a year. The US attorneys office will hold a press conference Friday morning to announce their new plan. We are very disappointed Mr. President.

Many attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law have been advising their clients that as long as they follow the rules set out by the state of California that they will not face criminal prosecution. This is very dangerous advise and obviously, it is wrong! The sale of marijuana has always been illegal under federal law. Anyone who grows, sells or transports large amounts of marijuana faces federal criminal charges.

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